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Pauwels Cannabis Cosmetics

Pauwels Cannabis Cosmetics is rooted within traditions of cannabis. Our story starts when founder David Pauwels began cultivating for medicinal patients in 2001. In 2010, David and Tiffany, co-founder, were able to acquire a medical cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles named AlternaMeds. Unfortunately due to a police raid on the dispensary and heavy fines, AlternaMeds was forced to shut down. This was the spark to try and innovate in an industry that was still fairly fresh. David and Tiffany decided to spend the next couple years to create a unique product and try and bring a fresh product that stands above the rest. In 2014, a close family member was receiving therapy that utilized activated oxygen. This sparked the interest and experimentation with activated oxygen and cannabis. After many consultations with medical professionals, David and Tiffany began formulating the first versions of our current activated oxygen infused cannabis cosmetics. Utilizing the analgesic and inflammation reducing effects of cannabis combined with the cleansing and healing processes of activated oxygen, they saw great results in their experimentation for pain and overall health of skin. Close family and friends were the first to try their unique formulation and with their positive feedback, it seemed as though they had really stumbled upon something amazing. Coming from a lineage of inventors, David had the intuition to begin the patenting process that encompassed the use of activated oxygen and cannabis in 2018.

In 2015, the invention of the processes to manufacture cannabis paper products was born. This was another avenue in which founders David and Tiffany continued to innovate as inventors of such out of the box thinking that we value as a core part of our companies.

Mission Statement

Pauwels Cannabis Cosmetics strives to provide the best skincare and pain management products for the masses. We are always improving our formulations to further cement our space within two different industries to bring about the best of both worlds.

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